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Project: A Little Book of the Outside

A small book of drawings of outdoor scenes.

 Project: Small still life

A series of small line and tone drawings with a domestic still life theme. 

Project: A little book of Windows

A series of small line and tone sketches and drawings using pen and wash or graphite on tea-toned ground. 

A4: P5 – The Moving Figure

In studying this topic, it occurred to me that a drawing cannot capture the figure moving. It must be, essentially, a figure captured in an infinitesimal fraction of a moment and for that… Continue reading

David Hockney on what turns a picture into a masterpiece

Here David Hockney describes a pen and ink drawing by Rembrandt – one artist seeing another artist’s work (extract from longer interview discussing several works). DH: The Chinese regarded not acknowledging the brush… Continue reading

East London Group

A school of artists who were based in Bethnal Green between 1928 and 1936. They were a mixed, young, working class group who had received little beyond elementary education who met together and… Continue reading

Assignment 3 – Expanse / Outdoors

Draw an outdoor scene of your choice. Try to find a view that includes some natural objects – trees, shrubs, pot plants, fields, garden plants. Also try to find a view that will… Continue reading